Top 10 holiday gifts for au pairs!

Are you looking for just the right thing to put under the tree for your au pair? Here are some ideas posted by Stephanie Rueter, Creative Director for Cultural Care Au Pair.  We asked some host parents to share their ideas for au pair gift-giving this holiday season and this is what they came up with…

1. Personalized gifts with kids photos
Chicago Mom on says: “Urban Outfitters had blank snow globes last year where you could slip in two pictures—one on each side—so for a Christmas gift, I slipped in a picture of our house decorated for the holidays (of the outside, complete with the fallen snow and bows and lights), and a picture of the kids on the other side. [Our au pair] loved this (snow globes seemed the rage with her and the other au pairs – they don’t have many of these in Bolivia I guess).” You can also choose to create a photo book or frame her favorite photo.

2. Tickets to a local game or show
Lots of au pairs would love to experience a local game or show but won’t spend the money themselves to get there. Two tickets from you (so she can take a friend) is usually much appreciated. Says one host mom online: “We live in the NYC area, so we always splurge and give our au pairs two tickets to a Broadway show. Everybody loves this. I got the idea from a very experienced host mother with whom I work.”

3. Gift cards
While not very personal, gift cards are certainly practical and appreciated by au pairs who would love to do more shopping. “I either give a spa gift certificate or an iTunes gift card,” writes Annette McGloin, veteran host mom and Cultural Care staff member, when asked about her gift-giving traditions. Starbucks, Gap and iTunes are also safe bets.

4. Popular book series
A host parent who doesn’t want to be named (in case her au pair is reading!) will introduce her au pair to the Twilight Saga Collection this year. She says her former au pairs have appreciated young adult books because it helps them improve their English comprehension skills at the same time. Two other good ones to consider: the Hunger Games and the Lorien Legacies Series.

5. Warm winter gear
Au pairs who live with host families that get cold weather are rarely outfitted with the proper gear to keep them warm. Jenny Berryman Horne, a host mom from MA says, “We gave our au pair gloves and a scarf last year since she was from a warm country and needed them. We may do this again, too, as a stocking stuffer.” Ines Cortes, another host mom in MA shares, “Our gift to her will be something she has wanted but found too expensive: a down winter coat. She suffered a bit last winter, and knowing our son
Julian, she will be outside quite a bit and needs to be warm.” For hats, boot cuffs and cowls, I like what Kitty Dune on Etsy has to offer. I also love this hat from Prana (so cozy!) and the new gloves from Agloves that work with touchscreen cell phones. Lastly, this 100% down coat by DKNY is on sale.

6. Slippers/pajamas
Since sizing and taste is more forgiving in the case of sleepwear, it’s often a safer gift for au pairs. Susan Robinson, our Au Pair Answer Mom agrees: “Anyone can use another pair of pjs!” These slippers from Urban Outfitters are very cool and inexpensive, and pajamas from Aerie are notoriously soft and in-style.

7. An extra suitcase
If you’re after a gift that you know your au pair will use, it doesn’t get any more practical than an extra suitcase or duffle. She’s going to need it to get all of her stuff back home at the end of the year! This rolling duffle by LLBean is a great option.

8. Jewelry
It might normally be risky to give au pair jewelry, but Alex and Ani bracelets are a sure thing. They are inexpensive, made out of recycled materials and all the rage right now with young women. The best part is that each bracelet has a different symbol or expression like: Statue of Liberty, “Thank you”, “Pursue happiness”, lucky clover.

9. Travel guides
Is your au pair planning a trip somewhere fun? A travel guide book is a great gift option. Says Samantha Janney—a host mom and Cultural Care staff member—”We have typically given our au pairs a guide book for a trip they’re planning and they love it.” Lonely Planet and Frommer’s books are good choices.

10. Stocking and/or ornament
If everyone in your household has a stocking, your au pair should absolutely have one, too! (Just listen to what AuPairMom has to say about this.) Ornaments are also a popular gift according to Cultural Care Au Pair’s online community. Personalized stockings from Pottery Barn seem to be popular, and this personalized ornament is adorable.
Hopefully this post will give all of you host parents out there some things to consider for au pair gifts this holiday season!

Thursday, 15 December 2011 12:00 PM


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